International Research Workshop On Network Topology 2017 (Irwont-2017) is The First Edition of The Research Workshop on Network Topology And Will Be Continued The Next Years.

IRWONT-2017 for young researchers provides a forum for undergraduate students, master graduate students, and young faculty members from all over the world to discuss their research in an informal atmosphere. By bringing together leading researchers as well as talented junior researchers from the relevant areas, we expect to advance the state of knowledge on several open problems. IRWoNT-2017 has objective to provide a training in mastering advanced and/or interrelated topics in network topology as well as to introduce research-based learning for mathematics undergraduate and mathematics master students in hasanuddin university. In particular, irwont-20017 focuses on studying the network topology.

The aim of the 1st I wont- is to bring researchers and professionals to discuss recent developments in both theoretical and applied mathematics, specially network topology, to create the knowledge exchange platform between mathematicians. The workshop is broad-based that covers all branches of engineering sciences, mathematics and interdisciplinary researches.

Selected full papers of this workshop will be published in peer-reviewed journal where the keynote and tutorial speakers will be coauthors. We hope that this workshop serves as a meeting point between practitioners and theoreticians.

Workshop: 31 July – 01 August 2017

Martin Bača

(Technical University in Košice, Slovakia),

Keynote Speaker

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